Doctor phone consultation

Submit your radiology exam and the report you have received previously to The Medical Consultant for review.
Then you can schedule a phone consultation with one of our expert specialty-trained Radiologist doctors. You will be given the opportunity to ask a few targeted questions about your imaging findings from our doctors. We can tell you about the quality of the study performed, additional tests that should be performed to confirm the diagnosis, and quite possibly most importantly we can correlate your imaging findings with your medical history. Not all imaging findings are completely straight forward and often times there are several disease processes to explain your imaging findings. However, when our radiologist is able to ask you questions about how long you have been sick, where the pain is most severe, what makes it better or worse, or information about other exams and tests you have had performed, then we are able to make a diagnosis with much more confidence.

What you’ll get

  • If your questions are about treatment, then choose Clinical doctor whereas if they are about the imaging and imaging results then choose a Radiologist doctor.
  • You can ask up to 5 questions of the consultant doctor during the phone call.
  • The phone call will last 10 minutes, be prepared to answer questions your consultant may have of you so that they can give you the best advice.
  • Radiology specialties include Neuroradiology, Orthopedic radiology (MSK), Body imaging radiology (GI and GU), Pediatric radiology, Thoracic radiology (chest and heart), and Mammography.
  • You will receive a summary of the questions and answers in your Patient health portal.
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“I have been suffering from low back pain for a long time. I was having such pain that I was at the brink of losing my ability to walk. I had an MRI which offered little clarity. I heard about The Medical Consultant and received a second opinion consult for my MRI which not only gave much more detail than the first report but also clearly identified where the nerve impingement was. The Medical Consult has given me hope.“


Questions you might have

Ensuring our patients health information is secure and private is one of our top priorities. All personal health information is encrypted end to end.

The Medical Consultant is a self-pay service and does not bill medical insurance. However, you will be provided with a report and at you request we can provide you with a receipt which you can submit to your insurance company. Some insurance companies do pay for second opinion consultations and may be able to reimburse you. However, you should speak with your insurance provider to determine this.

Yes, we can mail your disk back to you. You will have the opportunity to select this choice during your sign up for a second opinion consultation. There is an additional $20 charge.

Yes, you can access your personal health portal from any internet enabled device by using our secure login with your unique login credentials.

Yes, The Medical Consultant can be accessed from a smart phone, table device, or computer with internet access.

There are great variabilities in the different imaging equipment that imaging providers use. The quality can also be heavily affected by your body weight, body morphology, motion by you during the exam, as well as artifacts that can
occur. However, even exams that are not perfect still usually offer some diagnostic information. As part of your second opinion the specialist will let you know if your exam is non diagnostic or of limited value in diagnosing your illness.

If you are not able to get your disk to transfer the files to our website, then you can always mail the disk and information to us directly. There is a link embedded in our site so that you can select to mail the images to us and it will automatically send someone the next business day to the address you select to pick them up for delivery to us.

You will always have access to all your second opinion reports that we provide for you in your Personal Health Portal. From there you will have the option to print your documents.

Your personal health information will always be kept private following HIPAA stands. Please make sure you do not share your login information with anyone else to preserve your confidentiality.

There is complete description of each service and what you will get on our
website. However, you are also able to email us with questions or call if you can not find the answer to your question on our website.

Yes, in the process of providing the second opinion consultation our specialists will not only provide you with the second opinion report, but they will also recommend additional imaging or studies for you when appropriate.

Your medications and dosages will be reviewed by a Doctor of Pharmacy and
they will make recommendations for you and your doctor to consider regarding
drug interactions and dosages.