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About Us

"All patients at some point will question their diagnosis and as health care providers we should not be insulted by that fact".

Our Founder & Mission

Dr. Earl Maes, founder of The Medical Consultant, has over 20 years of experience involving clinical medicine, radiology, and business leadership. Knowing the vital role that a radiologist plays in diagnosing a patient, Dr. Maes founded The Medical Consultant to bridge the gap between patients and their radiologist by offering a personal, more involved radiology experience. Accurate and detailed radiology reports are just as important in being able to ask questions to the radiologist on a possible life-changing diagnosis: this is what our second opinions are all about.


Dr. Maes graduated from his radiology residency from the University of Iowa where he then went on to complete a fellowship in Musculoskeletal Imaging. After graduation, Dr. Maes founded “Emergence Teleradiology” 11 years ago and has helped developed several other companies both in and out of the healthcare field throughout the years.



All patients at some point will question their diagnosis or treatment plan. The Medical Consultant is helping to normalize those questions and help you as a patient take control of your treatment and educate you to have an informed conversation with your primary health care provider. We hope that you will choose us – and our network of specialty radiologists – to help provide you with clarify and empowerment of your overall health.

“We give you the right diagnosis so you can get the best treatment options from your doctor”