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Unbiased second opinions- the best opinion.

It is very common for physicians to review their own films, whether in the emergency room or in their own offices seeing patients.  However, as we all experience at times, a clinician’s confirmation bias can heavily weigh on their opinion as is often founded on the type of doctor they are.  This type of bias is common amongst physicians and is part of the reason that doctors tend to find what they are looking for when it comes to looking at a patient’s images.

In a study of developed countries looking at back pain, it was found that the incidence of back pain is relatively similar amongst the different countries evaluated. However, the number of surgeries performed in America is up to 40% higher than those other countries.  This type of bias can lead to a patient’s diagnosis being incorrect whether it favors a more aggressive surgery or less aggressive non-surgical treatment.  Getting the correct diagnosis is the most important part of making your treatment decision.  Therefore, that diagnosis should come from a radiology specialist that is unbiased in making your diagnosis.

The radiology specialists at The Medical Consultant are all impartial board-certified radiologists meaning that they are making your diagnosis based on what your images show and not on any type of bias.  In addition, they all have had 1-2 extra years of training in their specific area of focus beyond the 5 years of training that it takes to become a radiologist after they have completed medical school. The average radiology specialist at The Medical Consultant has spent 14-15 years in school to gain their expertise.

The second opinion is your best opinion because it comes from an expert radiologist that is focusing on making the right diagnosis.  Did you know that these second opinions are often even covered by your health insurance? Contact The Medical Consultant and get the right diagnosis, free from bias, so that you can talk to your doctor about the best treatment options for you.

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