We give you the correct diagnosis. – The Medical Consultant

We give you the correct diagnosis.

Getting a second opinion is something that all of us are used to doing every day in our normal activities of life.  It is not unusual to get two or three bids from a contractor before having them do work on your house or a mechanic before you choose one to fix your car.  So why do we not take this same approach with our own lives?  Perhaps this is because we are afraid to be diagnosed with a certain disease or disorder.  Maybe it is just too much for some people to question the diagnosis they were given by their doctor because they do not want to cause conflict.  However, when the brakes start to go out on your car, they will not be fixed by just getting new tires. The actual problem must be identified and then it can be fixed. Your health should be no different, if you have the wrong diagnosis or incomplete diagnosis then getting the wrong surgery or treatment will not help you.

The Medical Consultant uses board-certified radiologists with additional years of training specifically related to their area of practice. Studies have shown that a second opinion confirmed the initial diagnosis only 12% of the time and that 21% of the time the patient was given a completely different diagnosis altogether.

At The Medical Consultant, we give you the correct diagnosis so that you can get the treatment you need from your doctor.

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